Mentions légales
We are a multidisciplinary design agency that supports business organizations in their creative development projects. We design products and color palettes for a range of brands. Our common vision is based on comprehension, curiosity, and the will to thoroughly explore all technical, marketing and societal aspects of projects.

KI is the fruit of a collective vision to reinvent roles and categories and open up new areas of expertise

Multi-generational, our team operates on a human scale, communicating directly with our clients and collaborating with them in an atmosphere of trust and confidence.

The flexibility of our work environment favors the exchange of experience and know-how, producing highly original results. A series of international assignments has provided us with an in-depth knowledge of countries such as India, China, Mauritania, Mexico and Pakistan, with which we have been working over the last fifteen years.

We are also engaged in the transmission and exchange of our work methods and skills with professional, non-professional and student bodies. A commitment consistent with our ongoing evolution.

Our Qualities: flexibility, audacity, amenability, independence, rigor