Mentions légales
A network of designers and a multidisciplinary team of communication and design professionals with a wide range of experience and skills in textile and material design, color coordination, artistic direction and brand creation.

flexibility and openness

The team is complemented by specialized freelancers who work with us on projects requiring specific knowledge. This organizational approach enables us to take products through the entire product development process and gives us the flexibility and openness needed to fully meet the expectations of our clients.


Sylvie Hennequin

she ensures the coherance of collections, and leads the implementation of textile realisations based mainly in Pakistan but also in India and China. She deals with the development of stitching details, from prototypes to finished products. From analysing  trends to staging of collections at trade shows for the past 25 years, her expertise is based on product enhancement.

Sylvie Hennequin (cv)

Alice Egler

color and material designer, she is  a graduate of ENSAD and of the School of Communication from Sciences Po. Her work is built on textile design and research of new materials for the home. She is particularly interested in the field of innovation strategies as it applies to the areas of home and cosmetics.

Alice Egler (cv)

Maud Jarnoux

textile designer, she has for several years developed collections of bed linens, from design stage to production. Moreover, her insights into color and space, brought her to practice as a colorist in the fields of architecture, public or private, as well as that of teaching.

Maud Jarnoux (cv)

Isabelle Rodier

for 25 years, she has created collections of furnishing fabrics, bed linens, carpets and crockery. Color is a language and mode of expression that identifies her work. First as co-founder of the brand and agency Robert Le Heros, then for 12 years as artistic director of a team of designers, servicing manufacturers, publishers and brands, in the area of home furnishing. She continues to teach color and textile printing, currently at ENSAD.

Isabelle Rodier (cv)